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The Rule of Three: How to Get Sex from a Hookup Site

Let’s face it: guys want to hook up.

We want to hook up today, and we want to hook up with HOT girls, not broken-down trashy girls that just can’t get any other men. Hell, if it were up to us, we’d be hooking up all the time.

Well, it IS up to us. Believe it or not, we can show you where to go, how to act, and what to do in order to get a babe NOW. No more waiting, no more guessing, no more wondering if she’s into you or if she’s going to want more than “just a hookup.”

We can show you how to get a babe TONIGHT

This guide will help you in your noble quest for booty on sex hookup sites. We can help you find out exactly how to get the girls of your dreams, and how to get them to put out for you on the very first hookup date. You’re not going it alone—we’ve tested all of these tactics extensively, and we can help you make them work for YOU to hook up tonight!

So, how is this guide structured?

Each section has three rules.

These rules are designed to help you hook up fast, hook up RIGHT, and hook up whenever you want to. So many guides have a billion rules to follow, and that can get stressful after a while. We’ve broken it up into the biggest three rules to follow so that you never need to worry about memorizing a freaking checklist when you just want to hook up.

How do you know these rules work?

We use them ourselves!

Whenever we want to hook up, we follow the rules we’ve laid down. These have taken a lot of time and effort to put together, and we know that you’ll have as much success as we have with using the guide in order to hook up with hot girls tonight.

These rules help to keep you in the right frame of mind to hook up. They also help you realize what’s IMPORTANT when you’re hooking up, so you don’t have to worry about a lot of crap that just gets in the way of guys who are trying to get laid.

Getting laid isn’t as hard as you think.

A lot of guys spend WAY too much time on getting laid. They think that they have to do all kinds of stuff, jumping through hoops and doing a whole song and dance number in order to get a girl’s digits, let ALONE get to close the deal with whatever girl they’re hitting on.

You don’t need to wine and dine a girl to get into her pants. You also don’t need to get into a relationship with her, no matter what a bunch of wacky comedy movies would have you believe. You can hook up with girls without dealing with ANY of that stuff, if you know exactly what you’re doing and where to look for the right girls.

The right girls don’t want a relationship—they want to hook up. We can show you where to find them.

We can give you tips on getting laid, and we don’t mean douche tips like those guys who claim to be “pickup artists” say they can give you. Our tips actually WORK, and you won’t leave girls behind saying “I can’t BELIEVE I slept with that douchebag with the mustache and the eyepatch!”

These tips work, and they can get you a hookup tonight on ANY sex hookup site. All you have to decide is whether you’re ready to land in a girl’s bed tonight. Our guide can help get you there!